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No Empty Plates! How To Start That Restaurant Business

So you love to cook. You want to sell your food to the world and put it on someone else's table.

But is the ability to cook enough to start up a successful restaurant business? Just being a great cook doesn't mean you'll be a great buisness person, so before you decide to take the plunge and be a restaurateur, ask yourself these questions:

• Can I cook great and fast for more than ten people at a time? The big difference between your ordinary day at home and your ordinary day at the restaurant is the number of people you have to serve. The taste and texture of food will change when it's cooked in larger batches – what graced your little dining table may be the curse of your big restaurant table.

Make sure you've adjusted your recipes for your down home taste to keep it constant. Have at least ten friends over to try out the food. They can offer you tips not only on taste, but also on presentation.

• What do I cook best? There's no use having to learn how to cook more and more new things. Make a list of the food you cook best, and build your restaurant's theme around it. If you'd like to have more food on your menu, say, more pastries because you specialize in main courses, or vice versa, then consult with friends who like to cook. Who knows, you might find business partners!

• Who can help me make this dream a reality? Business isn't always about what you know – it's mostly about who you know. You might be a great cook, but not a good accountant, so you might need the help of that business-savvy friend. On the other hand, you could be a so-so cook, but a great businessperson, so you might want to enlist the assistance of your kitchen god or goddess acquaintance.

Whatever happens, tap your human resources to get both opinions and help. More hands are better than one when it comes to food.

• What can I offer that no one's offered before? Like all products, find the niche you can occupy. Is there no decent Kenyan restaurants where you live? Does your community practically beg for Slovakian cuisine? Do you see the wish for Peruvian goodies on your street? Study your market and see if you really should put up your restaurant.

Everyone loves food, and if you fill that need for new tastes and great cooking, then you're bound to be a great restaurateur. Follow these tips, and you'll surely be the talk of the town.


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