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Improving Your Disorganized Pantry

Do you feel that every time you have to open your pantry to look for something, it takes you so much time to do? Or for all this time you thought you've used all your supplies of mustard and upon cleaning your pantry, you see that you still have five unopened jars of mustard left with their expiration dates lapsed five months ago?

For many homes, disorganized pantries are quite a bit of a nuisance. Preparing meals for your family seems to take longer because you can't find some of the items you need for cooking that are stored in the pantry.

Organizing the pantry in your house can help you save time, space, and money. Here are five simple ways to help in getting the job done.

1. First, you might want to utilize helper shelves. Helper shelves makes the storage space in the pantry that you have bigger, as well as displaying the items more visibly and clearly, allowing you easier access to these items. Help shelves are available in various heights and widths. Generally they are adjustable and are available in various specialty stores or retailer shops.

2. Group similar food items in one place in your pantry. Grouping different food items and products by content or by brand can make your life easier in finding them. For instance, you can put all the condiments in one section of your pantry, the snack foods in another, and the breakfast cereals on their own shelf.

3. Keep the pantry orderly and neat. Containers should have identifiable labels and boxes should line up orderly. This way, you can see all the contents of your pantry in just a few seconds, making it easier and simpler for you to find things when you need them.

4. You should conduct a regular inventory. Before going to the store or supermarket, check your pantry first to see if you need to re-stock any items.

5. Rotate the food items in your pantry. How often have you discovered boxes or cans buried deeply on the shelves that are unused or unopened? Or that you have to remove them because they were buried so long that the contents have become spoiled or past their expiration dates? Whether you stack them or line the items up, it is crucial for you to rotate these items.

Follow these easy rules and you would be guaranteed to save time, space, and money.


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