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Proper Training Aids And Good Cats

Should a cat attend obedience classes? Actually, there is no need to. Cats can develop good behavior with the proper training aids.

Cat Training Aids

Food Tray The cat must be taught to eat only in their food trays to avoid begging constantly or having them steal food from the dining table. These must be situated far from the dinner table. It will also help to feed the cat before dinner. They sleep after they eat.

Scratching Posts It is part of the nature of the cat to claw, however this should not be tolerated. It can be very damaging to the furniture. This can be easily resolved by providing scratching posts for cats to claw on instead of the furniture.

Repellent Liquid repellent can also be used to keep cats from scratching on certain furniture. The taste of such repellents is so terrible that the cat will learn to stop from scratching eventually.

Yarns and Balls Cats also need exercise. They are generally playful. Kittens like to play with just anything. To avoid having them tinker with delicate things, it is good to give them yarns or soft balls to play with. Older cats can be trained to use harmless leads.

Treats Cats can be taught tricks. They can be taught to shake hands or fetch something. However, to properly train cats, it is important to give them rewards when they successfully accomplished a task. Treats are good rewards.

Litter Trays One of the drawbacks of keeping a cat indoors is dealing with their dirt. Litter trays will come in handy at this point. This is a must in toilet training an indoor cat.

Water Spray Fighting with other cats and caterwauling are also problematic cat situations. Spraying the cats with water when they do these things will eventually keep them from doing them. The water spray is a helpful deterrent for other bad behaviors.

Cat Grass Plant eating is also a habit of the cats. They do this to induce vomiting and sometimes just out of curiosity. Cat grass is a good substitute to keep your plants safe.

Nesting Spot Cats enjoy going to elevated spots to see more. It is their way of seeking company. To keep them from jumping on furniture, it is best to get a nesting spot. This should elevated and comfortable. Rub a treat into the spot to attract the cat.

Training the cat with these aids will still require patience and consistency. Still, this is worth all the efforts. The good behavior of the cat is reward enough.


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